Digital Flier Solution

3 06 2010

Are you frustrated with trying to attach your flier to an email because it has so many images and is taking 6 hours to upload?

Well we have a wonderful solution for electronic fliers – we use a free  on line tool called Event Brite for our electronic flier design and digital distribution.

Event Brite provides you the ability to create a flier with out knowing any code. You put in your information push save and they generate a web address you can paste into an email or any social network site.

Try it out it’s free. If you get stuck don’t hesitate to call on me to teach you how to use this program or to create your flier for you. I usually charge people $40 a flier and I am willing to do this service on the fly (ie. no contract – short notice – pay through Pay Pal at:

Check out the flier I created this morning in about 1.5 hours:

I love tools that let you take your marketing into your own hands. Tools like this give my  clients  a sense of digital power!!!

The 6th Sense

28 04 2010

Pranav Mistry is a genius!

Part 1

Part 2

Word Press Channel

25 04 2010

If you are having trouble figuring your word press out this gentleman has created 41 videos to teach you the in’s and out’s of working with word press – mcbuzzvideo

I am currently advising my word press clients to watch one video a day and then practice what he shows you.

This is the key to becoming a word press guru in no time!


24 04 2010

NEW! Don Tapscott announces the 2010 NetGen Education and MacroWikinomics!

21st Centery Classrooms

24 04 2010

I really enjoy Dr. David Rose’s approach to teaching in the 21st century listen to his ideas in this video.

A few quotes from the video I totally agree with:

“Get students to ask for help, get teachers to ask for help!”

“Create choices for students in how they want to learn a skill – let them choose their own content”

“Tight Goals, Loose Means” is what technology can provide us in the classroom.

“The thing that makes the brain learn is passion, according to cognitive science  you can not separate reason from emotion and have learning occur.”

I found this video on this really excellent blog for teachers – Cool Cat Teacher – created by Vicki A. Davis.

The Form Devil!

27 02 2010

Let me share with you a new tool I just discovered called

Form Devil is an excellent tool for building your own database driven(php coded) forms.

This tool is amazing because it allows you to build a custom form for your website – get the code and give it to your designer so they can easily embed it in your pages or a template.

This is their tag line and it’s totally true:

  • Professional Online Forms
  • No Recurring Fees
  • You Keep The Code

We all know the more you do for yourself the less you have to pay your designer. I say teach a man to fish and he will eat forever, catch his fish for him and he will eat once and go hungry.

With their on-line interface the Form Devil crew has made it possible for you to be as savy as a php coder with out ever touching the code. They will give you a 30 day trial for free. If you like the product after that it is $47.00 for the year or sign up at their sister site Form Experts for as little as $7 a month. This is alot cheaper then hiring a php coder, save yourself the trouble and create your own forms with this fabulous tool.

Their forms are great if you want to embed a pay-pal shopping cart in your site and you can’t afford to have your designer do all the work of setting up all THOSE DIFFERENT FORMS. Like wise if you don’t know php and you’re a designer/virtual assistant you can use this service to get all your php code up and running.

I also discovered you can easily tie “form devil forms” into the your go daddy MySql database admin control panel. What does this translate to in non-tech speak – it means the data the form collects can be routed to a database on your server that can be accessed by other tools.

For example, let’s say you are using a form to collect contact information for your clients and you want a database that creates a mailing list on your go daddy server – well with these forms this is 100% possible. 😉

As we give up our fear of technology we find the flow of the universal power – possibly turning us from little angry devils into tech savvy angels floating to heaven!

Joomla and Google Check out Module

24 02 2010

Currently adding the Google Check Out Module to one of my client’s Joomla sites.

Will post shortly with my feedback on this product!