Craigslist Daily Automated Add Posting Conundrum

11 01 2010

A query from a possible new client has got me wondering?

If I needed to update ads on every craigslist across the nation what is the best software to use.I found this one – really cheesy website but I like what it offers – $200 seems like a lot.

Here is another program that solves this problem – only $67.00

Here is one for – Very Easy to use!

I wonder if there is any open source software for this kind of dilemma. And from a coding perspective how do you jump the ban on multiple listings for a single account? How much of the add do you have to change? Somewhere out there there must be a simple php script that can jump this little hurdle automatically.

FYI – If writing Html from scratch scares you and you want to build sexy ads on Craigslist – try this tool it’s not so bad – knowing a little html helps to fix up your formatting!




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