Whatever happened to Froogle?

6 02 2010

I use to love to comparison shop on Froogle. I guess Froogle as a name offended some people way back when  so Google has renamed it the  “Google Product Search.”  Seems like a dry and boring  name but over all  it is a really excellent database tool for finding products on Google.

To make things more interesting they have now roped “Google Product Search” into a user interface tool that they call the “Google Merchant Center”  which is focused on products for rss aggregators(readers.) They have also paired it with a second tool just for products called “Google Base.”

The excellent thing about these two tools is that if you own a on-line store you can submit a text document that is organized like an excel page that lists all your product, descriptions and links  in a single document that can be loading into the Google database  via ftp.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, this saves alot of time  for a desiegner or a SEO/SEM guy that is trying to get your products to rise in the search queries on “Google Product Search.”

And we all know that time is money…he he 😉




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