Marketing Assistant

The Laughing Buddha Ink  website is an educational blog that supports our Visual, Audio and Social Marketing clients. On this blog you will find a variety of  posts that discuss new tools for individuals looking to understand how design works. I discuss the latest tools that are available and their relationship to spirit based successful business manifestation.

Our Average Client is a Cultural Creative with the vision to establish a business that will improve the current state of the planet.  Plainly put, many of our clients are baby boomers. They have excellent ideas about how society can benefit from growth and interaction across the web  but, they are not yet as  technically savvy as they would like to be.

This is where our visual and social marketing assistance comes into play. We help Cultural Creatives actualize their vision through internet business coaching, private lessons,  and on going digital assistance on their visual, audio and social media marketing campaigns.

Visual and Viral Marketing Expert

Jennifer Houst – Web Designer, Photographer, Internet Business Coach, Entrepreneur,Professional Chef/Healthy Living expert and Teacher/Curriculum designer.

Jen Houst cv[1]

” I am your  designer, I am a teacher, I am a disciple, I am a mystic, I am a coder, and I am a soul-detective on a mad quest to understand the collective conscious as well as unconsciousness through the act of web based creation, ah yes and the power of the written word, and beautiful spiritual guidance from my soul troupe. There are no accidents there are simply serendipitous expressions of soul that sometimes equal new creation and new destruction.” – Jen Houst

 Check out our sacred services link to learn more about what is possible.

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