What is Bodhichitta?

28 01 2010

For the last few months I have been studying the path defined by Buddhist master Peme Chodron. I admire her dedication to this path very deeply and would like to share some of the basic concepts that have changed my life from her book “The Places that Scare You.”

Let me begin by defining the word Bohdichiita – “Chitta” means mind, heart or attitude. While “Bodhi” means awake, alive or completely open. Peme states that, “sometimes the  completely opened heart  and mind is called the soft spot, a place as vulnerable and tender as an open wound. It is equated , in part with our ability to love.”

In my experience Bohdichitta is also equated with our ability to forgive ourselves and others. The greatest way to feel the power of your bohdichiita is to have compassion for yourself, and to allow love to open your being, heart or mind where you are stuck.

So often human beings are not in present time, in fact often we live in a dream world of past pain which perpetuates on going disappointment. By the daily practice of compassion and forgiveness we let go of the past. We can let go of the ideas that keep ego in control of the inner temple of self.

In my life I have learned that the more I can forgive others, let go of my own judgments, and stop listening to the stories of  he said and she said created in my mind – the greater access I have to my own power  as a divine creator.

Sometimes this process of forgiveness and compassion, or letting go is about remembering that in this present moment you are absolutely perfect. There is nothing to change. Each of us is a divine being connected to the divine force of the universe and the only thing that keeps us separate, angry or upset is the inability to forgive yourself and others.

If you can open to the power of Bohdichitta the universe will provide everything you need to find pure happiness. Softening and opening the heart is the key to the great expanse of  universal creativity. My open and vulnerable  heart is my king.

This image is painted by Master Rassouli. I am currently working with him as one of my spiritually guides to assist in the blossoming of my heart.