21st Centery Classrooms

24 04 2010

I really enjoy Dr. David Rose’s approach to teaching in the 21st century listen to his ideas in this video.


A few quotes from the video I totally agree with:

“Get students to ask for help, get teachers to ask for help!”

“Create choices for students in how they want to learn a skill – let them choose their own content”

“Tight Goals, Loose Means” is what technology can provide us in the classroom.

“The thing that makes the brain learn is passion, according to cognitive scienceĀ  you can not separate reason from emotion and have learning occur.”

I found this video on this really excellent blog for teachers – Cool Cat Teacher – created by Vicki A. Davis.

Commons Experiments

3 02 2010

I am experimenting with creating my first pages in Wikipedia. It is a creative commons that relies on the use of a php. text editor much like word press. I am finding it rather difficult to start since php and commons creations are both new to me.I am very curious to see what happen with my new articles, pages and portals that I am attempting to create.

The idea of shared authorship is very powerful and when something is created across a platform like the web it can be interesting to see other peoples interpretations of what you are trying to accomplish. And in turn to study the choices they make independently to altruistically assist you in your task.

This is my first Article:

My goal is to create a Portal like this one:

But as of now I have no idea how to get the code to collaborate. Possibly a human interaction will solve my lack of knowledge – on Wikipedia they call them “editors”. Or maybe I will just muddle through over time on the php. road to mastery.