Joomla Doomla Boot Camp

10 02 2010

It’s official I have joined the Joomla University Boot Camp. Such a great tool but a bit daunting at first. I have to admit the simplicity of word press is just wonderful – but I am sure in a few days I will feel less like a fish out of water and more like a Grey whale owning the ocean. One lesson at a time in this great journey down the road of Samsara (illusion.)

Wow – Joomla is a trip – I think I just had a cognition on the difference between a component, a module, a menu, a section, a category, and an article. 😉 oh my!

I found this excellent article below on the basic structure of the php Joomla databases. It is so interesting how the process of designing a database driven web works. When creating database driven webs you have to think about the details first and work backwards to creating the larger picture.

Basically you create your specific articles first, then you create a path from your articles to your categories and then to your sections, and then to your menus, and then to your modules and finally if possible to your components.

The way I see it, it’s like writing a book and organizing it one paragraph at a time. This is impossible with out a larger concept for the book itself.

Usually in the creative process one has an idea which is the point of conception, then the idea expands with vision and then you are able to break it down in to small parts so it can be understood in separate chapters, then sections, then pages, and finally supporting paragraphs.

But, this is not how a database works. In-fact it is the opposite – machines really turn the creative process on its head or require you to make a map before your start your journey.

A wise women once told me to pay attention to the pebbles as I climb the tall mountain. I believe in this application she was right!


11 01 2010

Also found this fun tool:
Artisteer is a non-code designing tool for templates that work in Word Press, Drupel and Joomla

As a professional photographer and a student that is still learning css this gets me really excited. The program seems so simple it could be for kids. Could be a great tool for teaching younger people how to design web based templates. Basically, I can create a face page while the program writes all the code.

I have to admit a part of me thinks it’s cheating 😉