Google Buzz!

20 02 2010

Google Comes out with Buzz!

This is a  new style of conversing about things you find interesting and yet another social networking tool. The big plus is, it’s  built inside your G-mail account and now  you don’t need to go to another site to check in on your friends!

On the internet the social networking trend is the wave of the future – the speed at which people share things  is going faster and faster. Many of my clients are concerned with how their content will be shared with their social networks on their websites.

I believe You Tubes’ embedded java scripts for easily sharing videos and Facebook’s share buttons are the result of this change in the consciousness of Cultural Creatives with active social change based businesses. Their goal is to through out a really wide net and if their are fish in the net they are lucky – but the net needs to be focus on specific and powerful content in order to catch fish.

Check out  this video to learn about Buzz; it is a brief video for non techies to get started with!

With so much information exchange their becomes a real need for well written short format copy that lets people know they want to immediately share this information with their friends. Humanity has a thirst for knowledge but with so much information you have to sort useful from useless very quickly just to keep up!

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