Ego Creation and Destruction

9 01 2010

Have you ever gotten in an argument with someone and had them defend themselves mercilessly. And the whole time you are listening you can’t help but think – this is not how they really feel. This is the little part of them, “the ego” protecting them from the big bad wolf that happens to be labeled as you in this scenario they are now playing out.

Have you ever been that person – breathless,talking a mile a minute, tormented and spreading your story of how you are so right and they are so wrong all over town. It is like you are a broadcaster of how they hurt you and you are a victim of someone’s actions.

Doesn’t it all just sound a little ridiculous. What if the entire world stopped fighting it out “ego to ego” and instead we started to recognize that each human is simply a soul based being with a bit of amnesia and an over built “narcissistic focus on our self” that has forgotten how to simply accept the beauty of our fellow souls.

Currently, this idea shapes my practice – going forward – what if I listen for the ego’s monologues and acknowledge it’s need to be heard. And then what if I listen deeper for the soul’s message. I think if I open to it there is a note that can be heard that is quite distinguishable between the two parts of a human being.

Talk about cracking the code of existence 😉