I-contact Cool Email Marketing Tool

9 02 2010

One of my new clients just turned me on to this tool for email marketing. Excellent resource and compatible with Dream Weaver.


What is the real power of Dreamweaver?

29 01 2010

I came across this site as I was looking for some more adobe based tools to beef up the capabilities of Dream Weaver.

Dream Weaver Assistance!

Extensions are all the rage across the internet – what a great way for programmers to share their software creations with designers like me.

I just used the paypal extension to create and embed a pay pal button on a live flyer – it is amazing how easy extensions make things for designers.

Wierd Links from Possible Clients

12 01 2010





Craigslist Daily Automated Add Posting Conundrum

11 01 2010

A query from a possible new client has got me wondering?

If I needed to update ads on every craigslist across the nation what is the best software to use.I found this one – really cheesy website but I like what it offers – $200 seems like a lot.


Here is another program that solves this problem – only $67.00

Here is one for Backpage.com – Very Easy to use!

I wonder if there is any open source software for this kind of dilemma. And from a coding perspective how do you jump the ban on multiple listings for a single account? How much of the add do you have to change? Somewhere out there there must be a simple php script that can jump this little hurdle automatically.

FYI – If writing Html from scratch scares you and you want to build sexy ads on Craigslist – try this tool it’s not so bad – knowing a little html helps to fix up your formatting!