Google Buzz!

20 02 2010

Google Comes out with Buzz!

This is a  new style of conversing about things you find interesting and yet another social networking tool. The big plus is, it’s  built inside your G-mail account and now  you don’t need to go to another site to check in on your friends!

On the internet the social networking trend is the wave of the future – the speed at which people share things  is going faster and faster. Many of my clients are concerned with how their content will be shared with their social networks on their websites.

I believe You Tubes’ embedded java scripts for easily sharing videos and Facebook’s share buttons are the result of this change in the consciousness of Cultural Creatives with active social change based businesses. Their goal is to through out a really wide net and if their are fish in the net they are lucky – but the net needs to be focus on specific and powerful content in order to catch fish.

Check out  this video to learn about Buzz; it is a brief video for non techies to get started with!

With so much information exchange their becomes a real need for well written short format copy that lets people know they want to immediately share this information with their friends. Humanity has a thirst for knowledge but with so much information you have to sort useful from useless very quickly just to keep up!

If you enjoy the video set up your  own  Google Profile. Once you’re all set up and ready to go feel free to follow my buzz at:  Google Profile Jennifer Houst

Side Wiki

12 02 2010

Wow the new side wiki tool is a trip! It allows anyone and everyone to provide side comments on any website on the net, and all of the comments are live and readable by anyone with the wiki installed in their browser.

Power to the people 😉 I hope the spammers don’t start causing trouble with this tool. Watch this video to see how it works!

Just a side note – how is this going to effect SEO – if you want to SEO a site are you going to have to get your friends to go make positive comments in the side wiki?

Joomla Doomla Boot Camp

10 02 2010

It’s official I have joined the Joomla University Boot Camp. Such a great tool but a bit daunting at first. I have to admit the simplicity of word press is just wonderful – but I am sure in a few days I will feel less like a fish out of water and more like a Grey whale owning the ocean. One lesson at a time in this great journey down the road of Samsara (illusion.)

Wow – Joomla is a trip – I think I just had a cognition on the difference between a component, a module, a menu, a section, a category, and an article. 😉 oh my!

I found this excellent article below on the basic structure of the php Joomla databases. It is so interesting how the process of designing a database driven web works. When creating database driven webs you have to think about the details first and work backwards to creating the larger picture.

Basically you create your specific articles first, then you create a path from your articles to your categories and then to your sections, and then to your menus, and then to your modules and finally if possible to your components.

The way I see it, it’s like writing a book and organizing it one paragraph at a time. This is impossible with out a larger concept for the book itself.

Usually in the creative process one has an idea which is the point of conception, then the idea expands with vision and then you are able to break it down in to small parts so it can be understood in separate chapters, then sections, then pages, and finally supporting paragraphs.

But, this is not how a database works. In-fact it is the opposite – machines really turn the creative process on its head or require you to make a map before your start your journey.

A wise women once told me to pay attention to the pebbles as I climb the tall mountain. I believe in this application she was right!

I-contact Cool Email Marketing Tool

9 02 2010

One of my new clients just turned me on to this tool for email marketing. Excellent resource and compatible with Dream Weaver.

PDF Hosting Tools and Community

6 02 2010

This is a rss feed and embedded file community:

One line of code in word press allows you to add a live pdf to your word press blog – great for sharing e-books on a blog.

CSS – unraveling fonts…

6 02 2010

Site wide simple font changes to your word press blog can  be accomplished  through the addition of this interesting extension – It seems to take a few minutes to populate on a word press blog but it’s a great tool to add fonts that do not come with your template.

Tonight I have experimented with adding – Porchez Typofonderie to my h2 tag and now I’m waiting to see what it looks like once it populates on the server.

Wow it look like it worked! Site wide I have a new sexy font on all my Post Titles – that’s nice – being able to up date the freshly template CSS with out having to write any code.  Nice program and great for teaching clients how to change their own word press fonts.

Whatever happened to Froogle?

6 02 2010

I use to love to comparison shop on Froogle. I guess Froogle as a name offended some people way back when  so Google has renamed it the  “Google Product Search.”  Seems like a dry and boring  name but over all  it is a really excellent database tool for finding products on Google.

To make things more interesting they have now roped “Google Product Search” into a user interface tool that they call the “Google Merchant Center”  which is focused on products for rss aggregators(readers.) They have also paired it with a second tool just for products called “Google Base.”

The excellent thing about these two tools is that if you own a on-line store you can submit a text document that is organized like an excel page that lists all your product, descriptions and links  in a single document that can be loading into the Google database  via ftp.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, this saves alot of time  for a desiegner or a SEO/SEM guy that is trying to get your products to rise in the search queries on “Google Product Search.”

And we all know that time is money…he he 😉